Common Questions

Why are we starting a new Church?

Reason 1 to start a new church. A new congregation is one of the best ways that an established church can reach beyond the routine to share the Good News of Jesus. Starting a church is practical evangelism. This is about multiplying, not dividing.    

Reason 2 to start a new church. OBEDIENCE! Jesus told us to go and make disciples. Starting a new church will press us to reach out to people. The Holy Spirit has been pressing LMPC to start a new congregation for over a decade.  

Reason 3 to start a church. It is good for LMPC. Every sacrifice for other people that we make is a chance to look again at Jesus’ sacrifice for us. The innovation of the new church will give us ideas on how to refresh our own community. 

Reason 4 to start a church. It’s practical. We are on track to outgrow the physical space of our property remarkably soon. A new church will expand the scope of our ministry. Prayer Point: Pray for the children of this new church. 

Reason 5 to start a new church. Adventure. Starting a new church is an exciting way to live out our faith. We all have periods where we need the thrill of something new.


When will worship begin?  We hope to begin regular worship in the fall of 2018.

What will the worship style be like?  We don't know yet.  Both the content and the style of worship will honor God and help people to open their hearts to Jesus.  Put bluntly, our personal preferences are not a priority.


The programs of the new church will be determined by the people we are trying to reach and include in the new community.  Given the demographics of the area, we will have strong programs for children, youth and families.  We will also provide the opportunity for people to serve and contribute to the larger community.


Who will be the pastor? We are begining the process of searching for an evangelist to call to this work.  The current staff of LMPC will support this new church, but continue as pastors there.

Who will start the church?  We are inviting members of LMPC to consider helping start the church, whether through doing the early work of the church or moving to this new congregation.  How is the Holy Spirit calling you to participate?


Who is going to pay for the daughter church? Us and them. LMPC included funds for a new church in the honor tower capital campaign. There are a few funds from our denomination that we may be able to use. The new church itself will take over its funding and become self-sufficient .